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PES 2020 Sider 6.3.5 For PC by Juce


Sider 6.3.5 For eFotball PES 2020 PC by Juce

Changelog For Version 6.3.5 :
– added support for bi-directional cycling through modules in overlay via gamepad;
– documentation corrections and updates.

Download Sider 6.3.5 For PES20

How to update your existing sider:
take new sider.dll and doc folder. Keep the rest of your existing files.

Download PES 20 Sider 6.3.5 For PC – [Link]

The new “go-backwards” action for gamepad defaults to RT. No configuration changes are needed, if you want to use the default. If you do want to change it, then in your gamepad.ini, add this setting (and change it to whatever button you want):

gamepad.overlay.prev-module = RT

Online Documentation: [Link]

Source code:
Lastly, the source code for Sider is freely available on Github. If anybody wants to look inside to learn how Sider works, or build it themselves from source – you have that opportunity. (Disclaimer: I provide no support for setting up a build environment or explanations for logic in the source code. You are on your own there) – [Link].


  1. This is not working, it happens like the previous one 6.3.4 after the kicking off it crashes …. takes me to windows, please fix it

  2. How to fix the sreen to fully screen? There’s still a white line on the edge of the screen!

  3. Ok I found out what my issue was. I made a back up of my sider.ini file and replaced it with a clean one from the latest sider version. Then started adding my .lua modules one by one (from the backup I made) while running the game each time to test if it would crash again. Adding CrowdServer.lua is what causes this issue for me, so I removed it from the list and it’s working perfect.

  4. @Andrey Ronaldo Try opening the game and not touching anything until it is fully open (no alt+tabbing). My pes has that outline if I alt+tab before it’s loaded, but is fine if I let it load.

  5. In my case i did the same and I have to take out some camera.lua files and it works

  6. Hello this sider makes me crash the game indeed as soon as I launch it I don’t have time to start a match and the game crashes and stops. Could you give me a solution so that I can play thanks to you.

  7. Try disable soundserver.lua from sider.ini
    If didn’t work, disable all. Then add one by one. Until you find what cause the crash.

  8. Try disable soundserver.lua from sider.ini
    If didn’t work, disable all. Then add one by one. Until you find what cause the crash.

  9. no matter what I try, this is loading only entrace.lua and camera.lua even with default ini file. Why is that happening? I tried two versions: this one and 6.3.1 and both behave the same way

  10. After i use the sider the online search of an opponent crash when testing connection the game freez
    I delete the sider and the patch and the problem still the same
    This problem didn’t occur before this sider
    Please for help

  11. Hello, after the last update of PES, some of my mods no longer work (in particular the EDIT0000000.bin file which seems to be corrupted). How to fix it? Are you going to release a new sider? Thanks.

  12. Does this version is compatible with data pack 6
    I am getting error gsider.exe unable to start

  13. I can’t play with the stadium server and when I turn on the sider it appears sider 6, should be 6.3.5?

  14. Mr juce please give me something to contact you as Personal, i want ask some help from you


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