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PES 2020 Sider 6.2.5 by Juce For PC


Sider 6.2.5 For eFootball PES 2020 PC Version by Juce

Download Sider V6.2.5 For PES20

– support for 1.03.02 game
– statically linking zlib 1.2.11


How to update your existing sider:
You only need sider.exe and sider.dll from the 6.2.5 archive. Keep the rest of your existing files.

Note: disable sider modules that are not updated for the current sider version or game will crash. Wait and use only updated modules that will work with this.


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  2. Hi,
    I have only switched the dll and exe files but even though the game starts well, when it tries to load up the pre-match screen with kit selection etc. it crashes and drops back to desktop :/

    I tried deleting the lines for various modules on config file, except the EVOWEB lines but it did not work so far… :/

  3. Regarding the side note: How on earth do i know which sider modules aren’t updated yet? By that measure, no modules at all since the 1.03.02 update have been updated yet as they haven’t been reposted yet. So none are usable then, right now? This was never an issue before when sider was updated. The whole point of the sider update is that every addon in livecpk and the content / module folders per immediate effect become usable again. There isn’t such a thing as a module update, if only to add something to it content-wise. Only cpk’s need actual updates as well as the dpfilelist generator does itself. So why does the 6.2.5 sider update require the disabling of modules?

  4. paste again the bypass and the sider that worked before , it won´t ask to update again and all returns to normal

  5. Update: Via the evo-web fora i found out that with this current sider version the soundserver.lua needs to be disabled. This is what was causing the problem. Worked for a lot of people, myself included. Maybe it works for you too if you try. Cheers.


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