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PES 2020 Sider 6.2.2 For PC by Juce


Sider 6.2.2 For eFootball PES 2020 PC by Juce

This version added support for 1.02.01 game.

Download Sider 6.2.2

How to update your existing sider:
– keep all of your existing files, replace only sider.dll with the new one.


– time extender (match.minutes option)
– free side select
– LiveCPK
– Lua scripting engine, including overlay support​
– camera module with Dynamic Wide and Fanview camera controls and replays on/off switch. Thanks to nesa24 for research!
– new event: “set_match_settings” – allows to enable extra time and penalties, and set difficulty to 6 (Legend?)

Sider 6 is a helper program for PES 2020 and demo.
See doc/readme.txt for information on how to use it. The livecpk/ball-root is an example of LiveCPK usage, with Champions League ball created by Hawke.


  1. a match plays for about a minute then the game crashes….I have the steam version, with evoweb patch installed, sider 6.2.2 and pes 2020 pes exe. 1.2.1, dlc 2.01……Everything is updated….it however seems that match game starts and crashes after about a minute…seems the new sider and the new updated patch 1.02.01 still not compatible…..the new sider 6.2.2 however works with the old pes patch 1.02 but the game doesnot allow you to make live updates with this and keep on telling you to update your patch to the new one

  2. Works fine for me. Loaded Amex Stadium for Arsenal v Fulham as a test, no problems whatsoever!

    Your clearly doing something wrong.

  3. deactivate the modules that are not updated to 1.20.1 in sider.ini

    modules for sider will crash game is use an older version.

  4. Durch die neue Version von heute ist es nicht mehr kompatibel. Spieler etc sind zwar noch richtig aber die ganzen Namen der Ligen und das Logo wird nicht mit eingefügt. Genauso wie die jeweiligen Mannschaften und Namen nicht richtig.

    Gestern war noch alles gut gewesen. kann man irgendwie die Updates für nächste unterbinden.


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