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PES 2020 Sider 5.4.2 For Demo by Juce


PES 2020 Demo Tool Sider 5.4.2 by Juce – Time Extender

Download PES2020 Sider V5.4.2

If you want to extend demo match time, you can use sider 5.4.2 – most of its features won’t work with PES 2020 demo, but match.minutes actually does. You just need to disable explicitly all other sider features in sider.ini, and specify correct exe.name. Like this:

debug = 0
close.on.exit = 0
start.minimized = 1

overlay.enabled = 0
free.side.select = 0
livecpk.enabled = 0
lua.enabled = 0

exe.name = “\PES2020.exe”

; enforce number of match minutes here
; you can set any value from 1 to 255, although you probably
; do not want to go higher than 90, because it will be weird :-)
; 0 – disables this feature.
match.minutes = 20

This example config gives you a 20-minute match. So you can completely empty sider.ini from 5.4.2 and copy-paste this ini Juce.

or use Sider PES 2020 Demo @Bogo36 :


1. Unpack to Demo Path
2. Adjust time in sider.ini
3. Start Side.exe and than the Game

Credits: Juce.


  1. How much time value do I set for a standard 10-min match instead of 5min match in demo?

  2. Its not working. As soon as I launch the game, steam updates itself and the game starts with the default settings. If I close my internet connection and launch the game, a white screen appeares and then closes again. Thats it.

  3. Funcionando perfecto, rápido y fácil.
    Uso PESRunner para ejecutar en un sólo icono el Sider y el Exe del juego, una delicia.
    Muchas gracias.
    PD: El tiempo de 5 minutos adentro del juego NO cambia, pero la duración si se modifica con esta herramienta.
    Working perfect, fast and easy.
    I use PESRunner to execute the Sider and Exe of the game in one icon, a delight.
    Thank you.
    PS: The time of 5 minutes inside the game does NOT change, but the duration if modified with this tool.

  4. 1-¿puede jugarse online con este parche?
    1-Can you play online with this patch?


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