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PES 2020 Scoreboards Update by Spursfan07


eFootbal PES 20 Scoreboards Updated On 24.12 by Spursfan07

Jupiler Pro League Download [Link] + Preview [Link]

LIGA NOS Beta Download [Link] + Preview

UEFA Nations League Download [Link] + Preview
Note: Flags are included in the scoreboard, no extra installation required.
Only use this scoreboard in Exhibition/Konami Cup between only European Countries.

UEFA Euro Qualifiers AddOn – Official Uefa Euro Qualifiers Flags [Link] + Preview
How to install: copy the render folder inside UEFA Euro Qualifier/common folder
Credits: Unknown32 for creating this full scoreboard

La Liga Download [Link] + Preview

La Liga Smartbank Download Links + Preview

Copa del Rey: Download Link + Preview

Scoreboards In Progress
Belgian Croky Cup
Telenet Play Sports Belgium
Eredivisie Official
Taca de Portugal
Supercopa España
Copa América (on hold)

How To Install
All scoreboards are sider-friendly and work with scoreboard-server;
1) Download the root folder
2) Extract the root folder to your content/scoreboard-server folder
3) Add the appropriate lines to your map.competitions.txt folder
4) For competitions ID => See spoiler below
5) Finished

Competition IDs

# Jupiler Pro League
115, Jupiler Pro League
122, Jupiler Pro League
128, Jupiler Pro League
155, Jupiler Pro League
156, Jupiler Pro League
157, Jupiler Pro League
158, Jupiler Pro League
159, Jupiler Pro League

# Liga NOS

# UEFA Nations League – No tournament ID
65535, UEFA Nations League

# La Liga
19, La Liga
87, La Liga

# La Liga Smartbank
80, La Liga Smartbank
84, La Liga Smartbank

# Copa del Rey
25, Copa del Rey

Credits: Unknown32: bin files + tweaking the JPL scoreboard
Credits: spursfan18: general support
Credits: La Liga Replay Wipe + general folder: Original from former La Liga scoreboard Andò12345
Credits: La Liga, La Liga Smartbank & Copa del Rey logos: rafaam2301 & NFS_FM

Here updated scoreboards on 24.12 for already released versions.

Previous or newly created scoreboards with no updates you will still find in post to keep this as clean as possible.

La Liga:
– Fixed: yellow card/red card displayed incorrectly

La Liga New Download [Link]

La Liga Smartbank:
– Fixed: yellow card/red card displayed incorrectly

La Liga Smartbank New Download [Link]

Copa del Rey:
– Fixed: yellow card/red card displayed incorrectly

Copa del Rey New Download [Link]

Jupiler Pro League:
– Updated grey textures

Jupiler Pro League New Download [Link]



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