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PES 2020 Real Madrid Mod by xcdf86


Real Madrid Mod For eFootball PES 2020 by xcdf86

It is a work from other modders without which this would not have been possible, I just put it together in a pack and I have edited some graphics.

The modders from which I have taken mods or faces for this mod are Ginda, 01, MictlanTheGod, galvarinoantinanco, WIMA_2, Stels and Xurgen PES, all the credits for them, In the download there is a text file detailing the modders and their pes jobs.

Download Real Madrid Mod PES2020 PC

The mod contains the faces of Raul Gonzalez, Zidane, Hierro, Makelele, Figo, Zamorano, Guti, Ronaldo, Essien and Beckam that can be chosen as coach, besides the other members of the mod will be part of the technical staff.

It’s my first time I edit for pes 2020.

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Attention: Important

1 Mod works with sider not a CPK version
2 The mod needs/works with the Ultimate Facepack — Ultimate Patch [BiRaitBec] faces mod, it is necessary to have it installed correctly in the sider.

Ingame Previews

Instructions for mod installation:

– To install the mod must extract the file and move the livecpk folder to where you have the folder of the sider

– Move the Wepes Folder inside the Logos by Xrgen pes folder to the Wepes folder in Documents/Konami/efootball Pes 2020/Wepes.

– Import the logos in editing mode and assign them to Real madrid

– Delete Folders with the following numbers from within the faces folder of the Ultimate Facepack — Ultimate Patch [BiRaitBec] patch

– 65334
– 65336
– 65343
– 65344
– 65345
– 65346
– 65347
– 65348
– 65349
– 65350
– 65351

-It is the first time that I edit in pes 2020, reason why I recommend to make backup of your original and important files.
-I will try to solve any error that may arise but I promise nothing because my knowledge of Pes is quite limited.


  1. Can you please upload a CPK for Zidane as a player? I’ve been looking forever for a face scan for Zidane to add to a team.

    I really appreciate it if you do.

    Thank you!!!

  2. Do you have sider? If you have a sider you just have to rename the folder in the mod 65348 (MOD REAL MADRID PES 2020\livecpk\Real madrid Mod\Asset\model\character\face\real)
    for the number ID the player you want to replace and put this folder in your faces folder
    you can check the id´s player in pesmaster in the number on the right in the browser.

  3. Isn’t it easier to make the mods in .cpk format and now? These mods almost never install them and almost nobody explains it correctly.

  4. ahh please make it easier to install, make it cpk file or make the video tutorial pleasee, i use smokepatch btw


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