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PES 2020 Random Menu Mod by eulinho


PES 20 Random Menu Mod [Sider Module] by eulinho

Download Random Mod Menu For PES20

This is an old Random Module for StartSreens, edited for Random Menu Mods.
You can use this with every Patch.


Just follow these steps.

1. Copy extracted modules and content folder into sider folder

2. Open sider.ini and add the following line: lua.module = "randomMenu.lua"

3. Create Folders in sider/content/rndmenu like teamnames f.e. Benfica, Tottenham and so on. After that copy Menu Mod sider folders (common, movie) into them.

Menu Mods can be found here. Thx to Hawke for them!

4. Every time you start PES, a new Menu Mod is loaded :)

Credits to PESWEB for rndStartScreen.


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