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PES 2020 [PS4] Ted Editor V0.9 by SMcCutcheon


eFootball PES 2020 .Ted Editor V0.9 by SMcCutcheon

This is an editor for use in Microsoft Excel to edit an exported decrypted .TED file from the PS4/PC version of the game.

TED 2020 Previews

Export .TED file from PS4 version of the game
Decrypt file (Download from here or sharemods, credit Panos)
Open Editor in Microsoft Excel, Click Start Editing
Load decrypted .TED file
When finished editing, Click Save .TED file
Encrypt file
Add any Images you’ve added in to your WEPES folder
Import back in to game

Ability to edit;

Team Details (ID, Name, Abbreviation, Emblem, Banners, Rival Clubs, Team Colours, Media Room details)
Stadium Details
Kit Editing
Player Editing; all player attributes, PES2019 player import is active and will require testing

Remember it’s a BETA, report any issues in the thread or via private message.

Change list;

Added Team list function to Rival Club selection
Added Set Piece/Captain selection
Automated editing flags for players (you don’t need to select them manually now)
Corrected problem with new stats not saving after a PES2019 import
Corrected some tab orders

Change list;

Added Import from 2nd PES2020 .TED file

Change List;

Added Gameplan saver.
(Ability to save a gameplan for future use, i.e. reapplying custom tactics after an update or setting a custom tactic for several teams.

Change List;

Added FM to PES Stats Converter.


Making your own FM Exports

Download the following;
PES2020 EDITOR (very small update from v0.4 but required)
FM VIEW (you will need to buy the FM in game editor to gain access to all the columns)

Start Career on FM19 with required leagues.
To gain all the columns you need, you require to be the manager of the squad you’re exporting.
Go to ‘Squad’ and click the menu shown below, select Custom > Import View >Select the FM2PES.fmf you have downloaded.


Your screen should look something like this;


Go to the FM menu …


Select Print Screen > Text File > OK > Save as the Team’s Name
This will save your export as an .rtf file.

Open FM Sorter in Excel (Only tested in the latest Excel)
Click ‘OPEN .rtf’ button on the ‘PASTE’ worksheet and load your saved exported .rtf file.
Click ‘Add to List’.
Repeat process by Adding a New Manager in FM and repeating all the above steps.
Once you have exported everything you want to, copy the ‘LIST’ page from the ‘FM SORTER’ in to the ‘FMIMPORT’ worksheet of the PES2020 Editor and you’re ready to go.

I realise this kind of work won’t be for everyone but unless someone can extract everything from the game’s memory it’s our only way just now.

Note: I’ve exported the EPL from FM19 to use as a test. At this stage, all I want is people to test it and see how the stats come out. If there’s values that are too high for a certain position etc please PM me or report here and I’ll modify it. ‘Special Abilities & Traits’ are not included in the conversion at the moment, they will follow in due course as the tool improves.

Change List;
– Added Boot Selection
– Added measures to stop blank motions during importing from PES2019
– Added ID Check button in Player Editing Section
– Added screen to FM Import to check and Edit Height & Weight, Nationality and Player Positions (Some of the lists I pull information from aren’t 100% complete so this will stop any errors).

Change list;

Hopefully, fixed a bug that reverted players back to their original state after leaving the players edit screen then re-entering it.


Change List;
– Fixed bug with position data when importing from FM
– Added Copy from PES2019 .TED file function


Change List;
– Added more foreign characters, all characters able to be selected in PES should be able to be selected now without error.
– Fixed import complication regarding Playing Styles from PES2019.
– Added an Auto-fill button from @wyffy’s fantastic spreadsheet. This will automate the following, based on the Team ID (Default teams only); Team Name, Team Abbreviation, Stadium Settings and Name, Banners, Team Colours and Rival Clubs. This button can be found on the Team Details section. While the spreadsheet has huge amounts of great info, it is not 100% complete so check all areas of the Team Details page before Saving.
– Added Stadium Info button; Shows what stadiums can be safely assigned by Continent.

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbIxQa-lYMw


Change List;
Updated Boot list after the data pack update
Added Save button to the ‘P2’ worksheet. Basically, you can edit players to your hearts content here and save all changes with one click.
Added ‘Import individual players from another PES2020’ function. Option to import with/without Player ID, Player Stats and Player Appearances
Added Special Traits conversion to FM import


– Added ability to edit all Appearance Data (Only GK Gloves not available, still need to look in to this)
– Fixed a couple of other bugs

DOWNLOAD V.09 or (mirror) sharemods

I would maybe steer away from using IDs that aren’t in game by default unless someone tests a range of IDs that work.
After importing from PES2019 I would go to the Boots screen and select a boot as a rule. This will hopefully eradicate the ‘no feet’ bug that is caused when a boot from 2019 is not in 2020.
Stadium editing; you can only assign certain stadiums to certain teams (by continent), it’ll be trial and error to start with.

Licensing; you CAN NOT overwrite Licensed Team Names, kits, emblems etc.

PES2019 importing; real faces of players that are not in PES2020 will not appear as these are no longer in the core game files.
Issues that may remain;
Excel, as good as it is, sometimes it does random things that make me want to pull my hair out.

Future plans?
No idea. This may be the last version if there’s no bugs. There’s not much else I can edit from the .TED file. I’ve virtually decoded everything except the gameplans but I’m not sure it’s something I can implement in Excel.

Thanks to -Panos-, Fatih Kuyucak, geniowe2002, vialli82.



  1. Hi there, if I follow these steps am I able to import facepacks and tattoos for PS4??

    Or at least restore the tattoos that have been removed?

    Your response is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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