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PES 2020 PC Demo Gameplay Mod by bromi


PES 2020 Demo Gameplay Mod by bromi For PC

Thanks to incas36 as usual, for the precious help and tutorial, I managed to make some dt18 for pes 2020 demo.

Download PES2020 Demo Gameplay by bromi

14-16-17 are meant to be played FULL MANUAL, at superstar.
They are focused on trying to have a more human game vs cpu, with less frustration but mantaining competitivity. With some more goal chances and a little easier dribblings. Also moving the ball around in full manual should be more funnier and relazing, without all the crazy pressing and ball stealing. I tried to balance it, though so to still have a covering cpu midfield. Also I’m trying to have the cpu defenders to be less perfect in their own box. Let me know if you try them.


Includes bromi dt pes2020demo-14-15-16-1-7.rar size: 267.01 KB

14- is the easiest one, good pace, cpu leaving a little more space, without being sometimes silly like at professional
16-17- harder than the previous one, cpu attacking more and better. In v16 cpu making more mistakes, more realistic, more tackles, also cpu trying to steal ball and missing it. In 17 playing better; I prefer 16 because feels more natural, but 17 is more challenging
15- for those who find the cpu too weak I don’t really like it, but I posted it for those who find the cpu too easy in offence at superstar.

Update 14.08 – bromi31s-32legend :


Installation: backup old file and paste dt18_all.cpk in place.

I increased the pressing, I reduced the capability of cpu to steal the ball too easy. So to have a more compact midfield without a cpu too fast to steal the ball, you can move around and play the ball.
32 is the same of 31s but I reduced the difficulty of legendary level (which now is playable with sider) to make it more human. I also tried to tweak the manual crosses (special thanks to incas36 for that… and the rest actually.
Both are playable at superstar level, but I also increased difficulty of pro and top player.


  1. hey there,
    so ive tried v16 and v17, both on superstar and because u want some feedback, u get some.
    at first, i like the way u changed the mechanics, BUT, both versions are way too easy, in my opinion.
    i can rush the goal with ez. on the other hand its cool to have those 2m more freedom while passing around and also that cpu passes way faster forwad, instead of tiki taka 10 times without shooting at all.

    if u could keep the vanilla strenth of the cpu but include ur very nice more freedom gameplay and the cpu passing behavior, this could be pretty good.



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