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PES 2020 NBCSN Scoreboard by predator002


eFootball PES 20 NBCSN Scoreboard V4 by predator002

Download Scoreboard V4 For PES2020

Scoreboard updated so that the team names and scores will be white or black depending on the kit colours of each of the two teams. This is all possible thanks to Juce and Zlac who have updated both Sider and Scoreboard-Server.

So if the home or away team is wearing dark colours their initials and score will be white. If the teams are wearing light colours, their initials and score will be black. Both decisions entirely dynamic from game to game.

I have also set the English League logo on both sides of the scoreboard to team colour 2 for each of the teams.

How to install (LiveCPK via Sider):
– Ensure latest version of Sider is installed.
– Ensure latest version of Scoreboard-Server is installed.
– Extract contents into Scoreboard-Server directory.
– Update Scoreboard-Server’s map_competitions file with following if not already existing:
17, England\EPL\NBCSN​


Disclaimer: Please credit if you use this pack in your patch.

Juce & Zlac – For their work on updating sider/scoreboard-server to allow the use of dynamic coloured text
Cesc Fabregas – Authorised use of his Premier League replay wipe.
Eskpist – For providing the necessary hex co-ordinates in his hex values thread and the use of his modified bin.
Spursfan18 – Answering various questions I had regarding the build & for the use of his example files found Here
Shawminator – For building CP Pes Explorer which was used to import images.
Txak – For maintaining the Pes2019 hex co-cordinates Google Doc found Here
NFS_FM – For creating the 24 8-bit logos that are included in the pack to combat white logo on white image.


  1. Hello. I see it working in Slider saying its the Scoreboard that is selected but I cant see it in the game it is just defaut scoreboard any ideas why ?


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