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PES 2020 myClub miniPatch v0.82 by phoenix513


eFootball PES 20 myClub miniPatch 0.82 For PC by phoenix513

Download myClub PES2020 Preview 2020 miniPatch

I’m a hardcore PES 6 player and i’m seriosly interested in the new PES for the first time since 2009 (I really didn’t like all the games from 2010 to 2019).
Last month i started making my little patch. Concept is simple: all modders from Evo-Web (and another sites/forums, it does not matter) make patches predominantly for offline modes, but no one makes for myClub mode. I think most modern PES players play only in this mode (like me now), so I started working on some little things inside this mode. At this time i was already quite frustrated of PES 2020 gameplay (specifically for myClub online compared to the time when i started playing) and lost some enthusiasm for creating this patch, therefore if this patch is of no interest to anyone here, then i will not continue to work on it.

v0.8 – what has been done in this version:

  • all 595 myClub managers have real photo & first + last name with diacritics symbols (i think full names kind of animate managers, maybe you will want to get that manager because you like him IRL / not because of his formation and tactics)
  • default myClub managers (Sabatini, Aramburu & etc.) have some fantasy photos and first names
  • some managers in duplicate teams are specially made different for decrease number of duplicate manager (like in Beijing Guoan: instead of duplication Bruno Génésio i make Bruno Génésio in one team and Roger Schmidt (his old coach) in second Beijing Guoan)
  • added 7426player photos from F20 (thanks Cevvee for tremendous help)
  • all teams and competitions have real names and logos (thanks @NFS_FM for his excellent logos; some logos i made myself)
  • added Bundesliga (Bayern, Bayer 04 and Schalke 04 moved from Other European), Liga MX and MLS for copying team design in myClub
  • all fake teams moved to Other Clubs (Asia)
  • include last LiveUpdate (21.11) with all new managers. I updated Coach.bin and Team.bin every week.

Kits are not included at this moment. You could use a KITS for KITSERVER AIO by Glauber Silva with this map (don’t forget to rename league names if it’s needed).
If anyone can help me with making kits for patch – write me.

Map.txt is listed here.

Unknown bugs:
If you find a manager with a (F) symbol at the end of the name (no, it’s not for paying respects; it means “fake”) or manager with uppercase name in myClub – write me in this thread (all thanks for this goes to KONAMI for his unbelievable unorganized database)

Known bugs:
Bayern, Bayer 04 and Schalke 04 can’t be found via Scout > Database > Club Teams (because Bundesliga aka PEU League as all fake leagues not shown in this menu).
Missing some diacritics symbols in manager names
If you install kits via kitserver, you come across with bug, when all kitserver kits in myClub menu (when you opening packs for example) looks white. It’s not my problem, but i have to say this.

What am I planning to do in next versions?
if the patch is in demand even a little
Updating managers and teams after every LiveUpdate (yes, KONAMI add new managers every week)
Adding photos for all 14823 players in myClub (so, only 7397 photos are missing :CONF:)
Remaking all myClub graphics including player cards (some pre-alpha examples here and here)
Removing all stupid dynamic photos on player cards and making a normal one instead
Maybe something else!

Changelog 0.82:
All new managers (added by KONAMI with last updates) now have real names and photos.


Installation (Sider needed!):
1. Unpack an archive into your eFootball PES 2020\livecpk
2. Add a cpk.root = “.\livecpk\MyClub20” line into your sider.ini
3. Delete your EDIT00000000 in Documents\KONAMI folder, then go to the Edit menu in the game and create a new data.

Thanks to:
ejogc327 & lagun-2 for editors
NFS_FM for logos and researching of game database
Cevvee for help with player photos
Alcom for help with manager photos (Thai part was quite hard)
sortitoutsi for manager photos



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