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PES 2020 ML Coach V1.0 by MFZ69


PES 20 Master League Coach Tool 1.0 by MFZ69

New ML Coach and Manager Preview

After some researches with *aLe we found the right way to add new manager model to Master League . With this tool you can add any numbers of manager you like of course after following the guide and know the tool tips below.

fileupload mega

Click ContinuePlease Wait 5 sec – Get Link (twice if needed) – Mega – Download

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How to use correctly the tool ?


Before doing anything make backup for your files !

Notes :
– The tool auto Unzlib/Zlib files (Thanks to Devil Cold52 for code)
– You can load Default/Modified .bins
– When you check “Load Added Managers” the tool will take +4min comparing and search for coaches between files so waiting is not a problem i think .
– The tool will give you the ID of added manager to relink faces
– The Files folder contains Latest .bin files from Live Update
– After finishing everything and want to test ingame you have 2 choices :
* Make cpk from CPK in Tool folder
* Copy files to your Sider “LiveCpk”

Tutorial :
1- Open Program (if you have permissions problems open program as admin)
2- Focus on this please :
2-a/ If you want to gain time and your only aim is adding coaches just no need to check “Load Added Managers” and the tool will not load the already added managers but when you add new manager it will respect the order of all of them!
2-b/ If you want to see and modify the already added manager you need to check Load Added Managers” and the tool will load the already added managers
3- If you want to add new manager click “ADD” button
4- Select the new added manager in list number 2
5- Make your changes and click “APPLY”
6- When you finish close the program “it will zlib files and clear the cached files)

Tutorial Notes (to avoid some problems for now) :
– Needed files (player.bin/playerassignment.bin/specialplayerassignment.bin/playerappearance.bin)
– When you want to add multiply coaches at one time :
* Add one coach
* Modify coach settings and press “APPLY”
* Then add another coach
– After modifying coach don’t go back to modify him again just re-open program and do that.

Finally, just take your time adding coaches and do a plan if you want to add many and don’t forget follow every steps and all things will be good.

To Do List :
– Unlock more appearance settings (head size/eye color etc …) ✗
– Import created player to manager from EDIT.bin ✗

Thanks to *aLe and NFS_FM for helping me and thest the tool

I figured out a “no harmful” problem is when you import coach image is not shown in tool but it is well imported to coach
so, im going to sleep now i hope i will find feedbacks to release a fix version .

What the tool do exactly ?
The tool load all fake players
When you add a fake player as manager, the tool make the fake player a real player then a master league manager
Finally, if the player linked to team he will be removed from.
**Master league managers are hidden players even if you enable “Classic Players” in master league.


  1. a esta gente les importa poco que nadie sepa como usar su herramienta. No explicaron nunca como usarlo.

  2. eso justamente estoy buscando y no lo encuentro por ningún lado. Poner a Zizou de DT del Madrid. Vi hace unos días un mod pero en formato Sider y esos mods a mi no me funcionan nunca. Necesito un cpk con Zizou de DT del Madrid, o más bien poder convertir cualquiera de los DT predeterminados de mierda en Zizou entrenadó como dice Cristobal Soria 😂😂😂


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