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PES 2020 Menu Color Scheme Tweaker by zlac


Menu Color Scheme Tweaker [Sider module] For PES20 by zlac

This tool which allows you to change global R, G, B and alpha color values of ingame menus. All via sider overlay. Settings are saved to external .ini file and reused upon next game start.

Current version: 1.20
Required sider: 6.2.1+

How to install:
– Install Sider 6 (latest version)
– unpack the archive and copy menuscheme.ini and menuscheme.lua files into modules folder of your sider
– add lua.module = "menuscheme.lua" to your sider.ini and save.

menuscheme.lua 2020

If you did it correctly, menuscheme settings should be available on sider’s overlay (use [1] key to scroll through the scripts that use overlay).

Link: download v1.20 (Data Pack 2 compatible)

(older version) Link: v1

Slider values are quite sensitive. If you feel that default 0.05 steps are too large for your own taste, edit lua script by yourself:
1. find local overlay_states line
2. change all -0.05 and 0.05 values in next four lines of code to your own liking (0.01 and -0.01 being smallest values)

Full credits for research and 98% of the script goes to nesa24, I’ve just slightly debugged and polished it.


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