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PES 2020 Internazionale Milano Mod by Xcdf86


PES 2020 F.C. Internazionale Milano Menu and ML Mod by Xcdf86

The mod contains the faces of, Ivan Zamorano, Laurent Blanc, Toldo, Djorkaeff, Stankovic, Cambiasso, D. Milito, Ronaldo (actual appareance), Walter Samuel, Simeone, Figo and Cannavaro that can be chosen as coach, besides the other members of the mod will be part of the technical staff. The President Club/Sports Manager will be the legend of Inter club – Javier Zanetti.

Download Inter Milan Mod PES2020

Click here to see all screenshots.

It is a work from other modders without which this would not have been possible, I just put it together in a pack and I have edited the Graphics. Big Thanks to Hawke for his valuable help

The modders from which I have taken mods, ideas or faces for this mod are Hawke, Ginda 01, Andò12345, Furkan6141 1002MB, BiRaitBec MictlanTheGod, Nahue, Wima_2, Eddduuuhhhs, jo7, and Stels …all the credits for them, In the download there is a text file detailing the modders and their pes jobs.


1- Mod works with sider not a CPK version

2- The mod needs/works with the Ultimate Facepack — Ultimate Patch [BiRaitBec] mod, it is necessary to have it installed correctly in the sider.

3- For use this menu it is necessary to install “League Backgrounds” from Furkan 6141.

4- There is a new Background for the press room.
if someone prefer the old one just delete the folder “item_backboard_teamid119”
in the next route livecpk\INTER ML\common\demo\fixdemoobj

Instructions for mod installation

There are 4 folders in the download:


The folder “LeagueBackgrounds” inside the folder content, has to be drop
inside the sider folder content

The folder INTER ML inside the folder livecpk, has to be drop inside the folder livecpk in the
sider folder.

The folder WEPES has the Sponsors for the Team.

The folder White shirt contains a ftex file to make the coach shirt to white color instead blue
just in case anyone prefer the whithe color. If you want the white shirt drop
the suitsShirts_pattern.ftex in the folders #windx11 from the coaches in the next route
\livecpk\INTER ML\Asset\model\character\face\real in each folder #windx11 from each coach
(The folders from 65334 to 65351 and camb, tol, samu etc) remind… drop and replace in the folder #windx11

Finally it is necessary to add this line to the sider cpk.root = “.\livecpk\INTER ML”

– Delete Folders with the following numbers from within the faces folder of the Ultimate Facepack — Ultimate Patch [BiRaitBec] patch

– 65334
– 65336
– 65337
– 65343
– 65344
– 65345
– 65346
– 65347
– 65348
– 65349
– 65350
– 65351

Don´t forget to install the League Backgrounds from Furkan 6141.



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