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PES 2020 HQ Club and Competition Logos by NFS_FM


PES 20 HQ Club and Competition Logos (+ National Flags)

High quality club logos in 512×512px, 256×256px & 128×128px (all three LODs)
High quality competition logos in 512×512px & 256×256px (both LODs)
All in-game club logos (470 in number, using official colours where applicable, doesn’t modify fake clubs like “PES United”)
All in-game competition logos (including UEFA & AFC qualifiers, doesn’t modify fake cups like “KONAMI Cup”)
Country flags (added Macau and Taiwan/ Chinese Taipei, all are using official colours where applicable, correct aspect ratio (e.g. square flag for Switzerland) & don’t utilize the ugly grey stroke) – optional
FIFA compliant logos for Chinese Taipei, Venezueal, Tahiti & New caledonia – optional

Download National Logos Mod PES2020 PC

Bundesliga add-on (Competition logos replace PEU League, PEU Cup & PEU Supercup)
J. League 1 add-on (Competition logos replace PAS League, PAS Cup & PAS Supercup) – soon
Variant version for many logos (for light/dark backgrounds, both for clubs & competitions), check the screenshots
All logos are fully up-to-date

If you use any of these logos in a patch, please credit me.

Some notes:
In case KONAMI decides to (finally) use different files for Nationality flags and National Teams, I will make a pack containing the official National Football Federation or National Team (if available) logos.
If you find any error, please tell me so I can fix it.
I do accept limited requests, for relatevily powerful leagues {MLS etc. [note that if any team’s ID is not officially available (check here), you have to provide me the IDs to use, and the league to replace it with]}.
This is compatible with the PES 2020 demo.
Note that this isn’t compatible with PES 2019 (KONAMI has changed the filenames).
This may affect a little the performance for low-powered PCs.

Over the years I (NFS_FM) have collected a huge number of club and competition logos, most of them in ridiculously high resolutions. So, I decided to prepare an all-in-one, day-0 pack, containing (licensed) club and competition logos, for everyone to use. This should work perfectly in PES 2020, but if something’s wrong, I will try to fix it after the game’s release.

31/08: Original version
31/08: Added FIFA compliant version
31/08: Added Bundesliga add-on

Download links:

  • Full version: MEGA
  • No national flags: MEGA
  • FIFA Compliant national flags: MEGA
  • Bundesliga add-on: MEGA

How to install:
License all non-fake teams using an editor (any editor is supported, preferable one supporting .csv import/export for batch editing)
This enables having multiple versions of logos supported at the same time.
If highly requested, I can make a version for unlicensed clubs (not recommended)
Add .cpk in DpFileList (highest priority)

To add:
Tractor F.C. new logo
Supercoppa Italiana new logo
Both should be already fully licensed in-game
Brasileirão Serie B (unknown ID)
Russian Cup new logo
Russian Supercup new logo

Sources (sorted by use priority):
Official sources (Brand Guidelines, documents within the official club/football federation website etc.), usually from vectors
Official club social media (manually edited, e.g. if source is not transparent)
Wikipedia (national flags)
peslogos.blogspot.com (very limited use, recognised by a transparent buffer zone)
Other sources (if no other source is available)



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