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PES 2020 Gameplay Mod V1-A20 by bromi


Gameplay Mod V1-A20 For PES 2020 by bromi

Download Mod V1-A20 For eFootball PES2020 PC

This is very EXPERIMENTAL and for testing purpose only.
I see the cpu carrying the ball much more (sometimes even too much).
I tried: legend, superstar, top player; but you can even try professional and even regular… shouldn’t be too easy, especially against strong teams.
I made several other changes other then those suggested by Lewpop.
In fact I must remap the hex values or wait for avok23 tool or incas36 ‘s help.


Not saying where to focus on this dt gameplay right now as I don’t want placebo effect.

Installation: backup old file, extract and paste dt18_all.cpk in place.


  1. Very good gameplay with that patch!! :D

    I played in Superstar, and also a game in BAL. As already said, the cpu is carrying the ball too much sometimes (before a long pass for example), but that’s a very satisfying gameplay!

  2. Thank you! I know you’re capable of uploading amazing gameplay patches.
    I’m a fan of realism. I don’t like easy games, but I don’t like unrealistic AI as well.
    PES 2020’s Superstar AI is close to realism where to want to build up the play, looking for openings. While defending I like that I need to focus hard and get the ball at the perfect time, rather than just push blindly for tackles.

    One thing that bothers me with Superstar AI: The AI has no fatigue factor while blindly putting the pressure relentlessly on me. You simply don’t have a second to hold the ball and kind of dribble.
    I expect my wingers to tease the defender before cutting inside or delivering a cross but with this AI, it is literally impossible even if I’m against a weak opposition.

    A gameplay patch can save the game mate! I hope you consider my suggestion.


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