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PES 2020 GAB GP New V1 For PC


eFootball PES 2020 GAB Gameplay New Version 1 For PC

– Players are more responsive (stop and start animations quicker thus you can dribble quicker)
– Pass speed slowed down compared to the vanilla speed a bit ( tried to get more interceptions without having horribly slow passing)
– Players might take a bit more time to trap a difficult ball
– The ball is a bit more bouncy during dry pitch conditions (tried to get more variety and to have more time in trapping the ball)
– The ball does not drag during wet pitch conditions anymore, has the same ball speed as during dry pitch conditions (i just hated that, personal preference)
– Shot speed is tweaked just a bit, there is bigger gap between the players with the highest and lowest kick power
– GKs are tweaked, less superhuman also they rather punch strong balls instead catching them awkwardly
– More physicality. Its harder to get the ball from the user/cpu (there are more fouls due to late body contacts, accidentaly moves by the players)
– The animation of tackling speed and sliding speed has been toned down (to draw more potentional fouls)
– CPU defender reacts faster (just to counter the quicker dribbling and to have possibly more interceptions)
– CPU attack is more horizontal. It rather plays build up and possession up front, which means less passing at the back with their defenders.(surely the cpu may cheat during competitions or sit back if it leads)
– Player runs are decreased a bit on the other hand to counter the previous point a bit
– Side backs push forward more compared to the vanilla
– Stamina system tweaked, player who does not run much dont get tired that much compared to the vanilla game
– Player ratings tweaked a bit at the end of the game (nothing ground breaking, just higher ratings the players get)
– Suggested to use with latest Konami exe, no other gameplay mods, no tactic mods.


Credit: gabe.paul.logan

Install: copy the folder “gameplay” to your "...\eFootball PES 2020\sider\livecpk\"
and add this to your sider.ini cpk.root = ".\livecpk\gameplay"

Credit to avok23, incas36, bromi, amartingil, anyonewhoimissed.

Note: AI dribbling and referee cant be tweeked via dt18.cpk.


  1. After using the modification for nearly a week, I’d thought I’d give some feedback. I mainly played it in BAL mode and found that the com players/teams struggled to do anything meaningful, most teams seemed a bit clumsy, resulting in a lot of goalless draws with next to no shots. AI would make more dangerous passes in there own half which is how I found most of my goals would be scored as opposed to decent team play and opportunistic passes. Some passing waa slow to the point that you could almost out run it. The ball bounces too much. The player rating system is much improved. Wing backs make good penetrative runs. The shooting felt a bit less varied, I found I was either belting it into the cross bar or almost passing it to the keeper more frequently.
    I will miss the player rating improvements.

  2. i have simulated 2 full 90 minute CPU vs CPU matches using this gameplay mod, it’s wonderful but has a few downsides which should be improved upon

    only 2 substitutions in total take place in the entire match whenever set to “FLEXIBLE” …..I think that’s a bug

    everytime 3 additional minutes are added on as injury time both in the first and the second half and the referee allows play to continue for 4 minutes, i.e. until the 45+4th minute in the first half and 90+4th minute in the second

  3. also the no. of bookings (yellow cards) is almost negligible …..can the referee not be made st

    the no. of shots on goals is also a little too many……..on an average a team takes anywhere between 10-15 shots on goals in real life football

    the ratio of shots on targets: total shots is also high…………example
    shots on target(7) out of total shots (10) and sometimes it’s even been like 9(12) which is very high


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