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PES 2020 eTurf v1.4 Mod by endo


eTurf Version 1.4 Mod For eFootball PES 20 PC by endo

Download eTurf v1.4 InGame Preview Side Screen

The new version 1.4 is all in one, no need other previous versions, and includes turf detail improvements, only for Konami stadiums, modded for PC for sider and cpk by endo.


How To Install:
1. Extract the archive using pass: pes2020evoweb with winrar and copy ‘eTurf_v1.4.cpk’ to 2020\download\ folder
2. Open and select DP in DpFileList Generator by Baris
3. Add .cpk as last checked, generate new DpFileList and enjoy game.


  1. @superleeds1

    unpack V1.4 with CRIPackedFilemaker, ( just drag the cpk onto the opened tool.click the top right button and it will generate a folder ready for sider.

    Drop the extracted asset file into a created folder named turf and place in Your livecpk folder in sider,

    Add this line to Your sider.ini, cpk.root = “.\livecpk\turf”

    Also added bonus, create a folder called Super-Global and copy the same asset content in.Then just place that inside Your stadium server folder, (this item needs no mapping) You will see better results for many st009 and created stadiums.


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