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PES 2020 English Stadium Announcer Update by predator002


PES 20 English Stadium Announcer AIO Vers. 1 by predator002

Download PES2020 English Stadium Announcer Mod

Version 1 Features:
– Players
Original = 1219 (Standard) + 396 (Emphasised)
Added = 2826 (Standard) + 270 (Emphasised)
Total = 4045 (Standard) + 666 (Emphasised)​
– Teams
Original = 99 (Goalscoring, Line-Up, Substitution, Home, Away)
Added = 173 (Goalscoring, Line-Up, Substitution, Home, Away)
Total = 272 (Goalscoring, Line-Up, Substitution, Home, Away)​

I’ve not looked at the stadium announcer before but whilst I’ve had some down time before PES2020 is released I thought I’d do something new. So for this pack I’ve treat it just like my callname pack adding player and team callnames where I could to ONLY the English Stadium Announcer. This means team names and player names should be heard across different situations like substitutions, goals, etc.

Theres alot more I could do but will wait until PES2020 is released to see what else Konami add themselves. Final note as I know I will likely be asked that this pack should work fine from PES2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 down to PES2015 in theory. Enjoy!


How to install:
– Delete any old files related to English Stadium Announcer from your PES Downloads folder.
– Extract ‘Preds20-17_EnglishAnnouncer.cpk’ to your PES Downloads folder.
– Update the DpFileList.bin using DpFileList Generator by Baris.

Usage Notes:
– Update applicable only to the English Stadium Announcer.
– This pack is essentially an ‘All in One’. Always replace the previous version.
– Designed for PES2020. Fine for 2019, 2018 & 2017. Likely 2016 and 2015.
– All player and team additions are assigned to their respective licensed Konami ID.
– Volume control in-game affects volume of the pack.

Disclaimer: Please credit if you use this pack in your patch.



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