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PES 2020 Editor by Ejogc327 V0.56


eFootball PES 20 Editor Version 0.56 by Ejogc327

With this tool you can edit stats for Pro Evolution Soccer in PC:
– PES 2020 (Bins)
– PES 2019, 2018 and 2017 (Bins)

Download PES2020 Editor by Ejogc327 Preview Player Settings

– If you import new teams in Teams.bin, the game can’t create EDIT file. You’ll need create EDIT file with the new teams manually or importing in EDIT file too.
– The CSV files can be separated by semicolon or tabulation, but must be *.csv.
– The CSV files must be UNICODE or UTF-8 to get special characters.
– In EDIT mode, can’t create players with any Id. It must be higher than 2147483648 (0x80000000).
– The Overall values for the players are different. I use my own formula to calculate them.
– To import the order don’t matter, but the headers do. You can’t change them.

Version 0.56 fixed few issues:


Credits Ejogc327. Before using this tool, make a backup.


  1. Why does it say in the description that it works for the EDIT file as well. The EDIT file option is still clearly greyed out so not usable at all. Is there any editing tool at the moment that allows me to look at the team ID’s properly?

  2. It doesn’t work, period.
    This new version 0.3 doesn’t work on the updated bin’s from Konami…

  3. Why does it say that this version works for using the EDIT file. It doesn’t as that option is still greyed out, as in not usable. Is there an editing tool other than this one at the moment that lets you look up the teams ID?

  4. Yes and no.You can open the BIN files and do lots of manipulation, but this version won’t allow you to save the changes back onto the BIn files at the moment.

  5. Because it works in previous versions of PES (you pick the year on the first page), just not for 2020 (yet).

  6. So if I can’t load the edit file, I can`t find out the BvB team id to link it to Signal Iduna Park in the stadium server? :(

  7. Hola buenas tardes perdonar mi ignorancia, pero no consigo abrir el programa, quiero saber la id de los jugadores de la Bundesliga y ya que en la web de pes master no aparecen veo que aqui si es posible pero no consigo entrar a el, gracias

  8. This editor is useless. Can’t open edit.bin. Even through already contact the developer he/she didn’t reply at all.

  9. Pero edita los archivos .bin . No puedes decir que es inútil. A mi y a muchas personas les ha servido.

  10. Lo mejor y más funcional de un editor es poder editar el EDIT0000, y no se puede con este, solo los bins,en fin una mierda.

  11. No puedes editarlo, solo abrirlo junto con los bin, yo lo utilizaba en otros pes para editar la apariencia de los jugadores default de la ML, pero aquí no se puede, una mierda.

  12. He encontrado el modo de editar los jugadores de la máster league, los Giorza, Castledine,Arcas,Goios etc, para poder cambiar su apariencia o atributos, si a alguien le interesa que me lo diga.

  13. Ya que el editor de Ejogc327 aunque permite editarlos después no se pueden utilizar dentro del juego.


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