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PES 2020 Edit Player Assignments by Volun


Edit Player Assignments in PES 2020 Tutorial by Volun

Preview eFootball PES2020 How To Edit Player Assignments

If you want to edit assignments for the players in 2020 game check this tutorial by Volun.

Instructions: we start off by searching the entries for a team with the team ID (127). In this case Bayern.

1:00 Replacing a player:
In this case we replace Javi Martinez with Messi. Again we search for the right entry and replace the ID of Martinez with Messi’s ID.

1:41 Adding players:
Copy & Paste one entry/line.
Then count the first byte up by one. From 3D to 3E which is the equivalent from 61 to 62 in decimal.
Then insert the player id of the new player like before.
Lastly change the squad number. I chose 27 in Hex which is the equivalent of 39 in decimal but because it starts at zero we’ll see number 40 ingame instead.

2:53 I’m not entirely sure what’s that for but yet again you only have to count it up. This time by 4.
Check the column (0D) for the highest entry. For Bayern the highest entry is 58. We change it to 5C which is the equivalent to 88 to 92 in decimal.

I don’t answer any questions regarding little endian. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexadecimal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endianness



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