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PES 2020 David Beckham Manager Face by Ginda01


PES 20 David Robert Joseph Beckham Manager by Ginda01

Download D. Beckham Manager Face For PES2020 PC

– CPK: Place the “David Beckham.cpk” in the PES2020 download folder and add to DpFileList.bin
– Sider: Place the “David Beckham” folder inside your Sider folder and add the line cpk.root = “.\David Beckham” to your sider.ini


Password: DBMF20

Note: This will replace manager number 16.


  1. Sorry just wanted to ask I’ve tried both methods of installation and for some reason manager 16 is still the default. Any ideas why that would be? Not sure how else I can describe my problem. Thanks

  2. Is there a way to make it replace some other manager? And if there is how to do it? It would really mean a lot because when i use my smokepatch it adds new managers so the old ones are not the same number they were. So i want to replace manager number 23 and not 16.


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