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PES 2020 CYPES Patch 2.0 For PC and PS4


CYPES 2.0 Patch For eFootball PES 2020 PC and PS4

The second version of Custom Your PES (CYPES) option file features real names of coaches, names and attribution of stadiums, club rivals, banners and video install tutorial.

Download CYPES Patch 2020 V1.0 LaLiga2 Preview

If you have already installed the CYPES 1.0 and Bundesliga 1.0 patch, get this new and updated version, as is all in one.

100% competitions with real names and logos for all leagues and cups.
100% of La Liga, La Liga Smartbank (Spanish D2), Serie B BKT (Italian D2), Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Eredivisie, Serie A, La Liga NOS, Raiffeissen Super League, Turkish Süper Lig, Ladbrokes Premiership, Russian Championship, Belgian Championship, Danish Championship, English Leagues and Other Europe.


PC players, take the D version of the patch (inside).
If you want also Bundesliga ingame, from here, is now available in Version 2 above.

Credits CYPES Team, Panos Paschalis and Angeltorero for kits.


  1. I downloaded D patch, for PC Steam version.
    Some import of competitions, doesn’t work. Around item 30, it starts to give you errors.

    And Bundesliga patch still shows some fake teams in Bundesliga, like Pes United, etc…
    Some teams are original, some are still fakes.


  2. “Some teams are original, some are still fakes.” READ AND WATCH Tutorial b4 writting bout it.
    There you will find out that u must swap the teams.

  3. @MarcoAk

    You should probably learn to read and learn how to edit yourself. There are CLEAR instructions on how to get all 18 bundesliga teams. Don’t blame them. We blame you. ;)

  4. Works fine on PC! With Bundesliga too! Thanks a lot!

    @luke: You have to move the content of “0. Logos Compétitions” to C:\USERS\USER\Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\WEPES\Logos. After that you can import the images inside the ingame editor and select them when edting the competitions inside the ingame editor too.

  5. Is everyone’s matchmaking working online after you install the option file?
    Can someone please reply and not ignore, someone has already asked here
    Before live update and other option files would break online

  6. Steam PC user here. This fails when importing the following competitions: 53 – UEFA Nations League, 55 – Thai FA Cup, 56 – CYPES(mistake here?) Super League, 56 – Thai Champions Cup, 5 – FIFA World Club Cup, 6 – Croky Cup, 7 – ProLeague Super Cup, 8 – DBU Pokalen, 9 – English Premier League.

    Please fix and test before upload next time!

  7. “You have to move the content of “0. Logos Compétitions””

    Does this mean both folders or just the files from both? Or can I just move the 0. Logos Competitions folder to C:\USERS\USER\Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\WEPES\Logos

    Sorry if it’s a noob question

  8. Hi ,thank you for your job and sorry for my bad english !I’ve the same problem of Bradley White,could you help me to fix it?I can’t undestand why only this 10 competions doesn’t work,because all the rest is ok and wonderful !Thank you again for your help

  9. Works fine everything imported fine except for the bundesliga team roster bvb and others have random players apologies I replied to Daniel on accident my own reply box didn’t pop up until I replied to his

  10. It seems there is a limit to 50 competitions, which is why it starts to fail to import towards the end. The compromise is to delete the images of competitions that you might not need and import individually those that you need like Premier League etc. Cheers.

  11. 11/11 and still a problem with the leagues mentioned above,when it will be fixed?i was obliged to get some parts from other patches due to this issue,so annoying!at least an answer or a tip for fix?


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