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PES 2020 CrowdServer Module by nesa24


PES 2020 [Sider module] Crowd Server Module by nesa24

Whats is it?
CrowdServer is module for sider that manages crowd scale based on HomeTeamID.

CrowdMod 2020 Preview

How To Install CrowdServer in eFootball PES 2020 PC:
– Install Sider 6 (latest version)
– Extract, copy both CrowdServer.lua and CrowdServer.txt to \modules folder
– Open sider.ini with notepad and add this line
lua.module = "CrowdServer.lua"

Crowd.lua 2020

– Save sider.ini file, open sider.exe and play PES 2020 via Steam.

Update Module For DLC 6.0 by SmichiW – Download for 1.60: [Link]

How to configure?
Open CrowdServer.txt and set team id and crowd scale and know that 1 is default

# CrowdServer for PES 2020 sider [ HomeTeam ID, CrowdScale ] [ 1 = default and dont go over 2 as it will make crowd overscaled ]
101, 2
186, 0.5

In example above you have setup x2 crowd if Arsenal is home team;
And half the crowd if Bologna is home team.

Is this working for simple friendly matches? Yes.
Is crowd sound (chants/cheering) also changing accordingly? No.

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