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PES 2020 Claudio Paul Caniggia Face by Alan Saraniti


[Argentina] Claudio Paul Caniggia Face PES 2020 by Alan Saraniti

This mod by Alan Saraniti includes face of winger Claudio Caniggia from Argentina, compatible with PES 2020 PC version.

Download Caniggia Face PES20

Replaces Mladenov from Nakhquachev (PEU League), Player id: 53917.


1) Unrar “caniggia.rar”
2) oaste cpk file in Pes download folder
3) use dpfilelist to active the cpk


  1. If your patch CANIGGIA’s ID not 53917, need relink face this:
    – Use “crifilesystem v2.4″tool to extract caniggia.cpk
    – Use “HxD”tool to replace 53917 to five-digit 2 files FMDL in (Asset\model\character\face\real\53917\#Win\face_fpk). Ex: CANIG
    – Saving then Closing (2files). Then delete 2files bak.
    – Create new folder name ‘CANIG’, then cut ‘sourceimages’ to there. [folder 1]
    – Rename ‘53917’ follow ID patch. In folder just be ‘#Win’. [folder 2]
    – face.fpk.xml (in ‘#Win’ folder) open with “GzsTool.v0.6.0”.
    – Put 2folders into CPK file.
    (tutorial clip: youtu.be/BU6oiNRZNDk )

  2. If your edit000000 CANIGGIA’s ID not 53917 but same length 5-digit (ex: Smokepatch-19.2.x-DLC6 his ID is 68434), then relink:
    – Extract caniggia .cpk file with CRI File Systems Tools.
    – Use “HxD”tool to replace 53917 to 68434, in file FACE FPK (Asset\model\character\face\real\53917\# Win).
    You should Ctrl+R to replace 2 occurrences same time. (tick All).
    Saving & Closing. Then delete bak file. Also delete “face_fpk” folder, this folder created by decompess FACE FPK.
    – Rename ‘53917’ folder to 68434 folder.
    – We have 1 folder, with 2 folders inside (# Win & sourceimages).
    – Create folder to CPK file.


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