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PES 2020 Clarity Reshade Mod by crabshank


Clarity Reshade Mod For eFootball PES 2020 PC Demo

This preset by crabshank uses two shaders created (S-curves and line thinning) to give extra clarity.

Right side has shader applied. See HQ screenshots here. Splits are enabled for both shaders by default, disable these by clicking the checkboxes in the Reshade GUI.

Download PES2020 Reshade Mod by crabshank For PC Demo

I didn’t adjust the pitch colour because that’s a job more suited to turf mods. Also, if this causes you to drop frames, lower the dxy value in the Line thinning shader. Version 3:


Installation: extract ‘crabshank’s PES 2020 clarity.zip’ into your PES 2020 folder.


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