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PES 2020 BroadcastCamera Module by nesa24


[Sider module] PES 20 Broadcast Camera Module by nesa24

This is a sider module to manage your BroadCastCamera in game. Latest version 1.03.02.

BCamera Mod Preview

To Edit values open Lua file with any editor [ notepad++ ]
and edit values

local height = 0.25
local zoom = 13
local angle = 60

BroadCastCam Module For 1.3.0 [Link] released 5.12

Update 14.12 by digitalfoxx for  1.3.01 update: edit BroadCastCam.lua using notepad++


nop = 0x14A71D532

* Modify the 296th line address (nop address)

or use this updated BroadCastCam.lua edited by chosefs on 24.12.2012.

1.03.02 Update Code for sider 6.2.5 – zoom & pitch address is not changed. edit BroadCastCam.lua using notepad++ :


nop = 0x14712AEFC

and Modify the 296th line address (nop address) / in BroadCastCam Module For 1.3.0.

Module for [Link] released 28 nov. 2019.

1.02.1 Update DOWNLOAD [Link] – compatible with latest 1.02.01 game and sider 6.2.2

DOWNLOAD stadium assigned version

09.11: updated stadium assigned version.

if you select stadium with ID 11 file sider-6.2.2\modules\BroadCastCam\11.ini
will be loaded.

Update 1.1
-added ingame editing via slider in sider
-added camerahead pitch
-added stadium asigned version

Stadium asigned version [Link – old, for DP 2.0] Example for stadium with ID 65533 add file modules\BroadCastCam\65533.ini and values will be loaded from there.

Example Stadio Mario Rigamonti realistic camera angle:
broad_height = 0.15
broad_zoom = 8.00
broad_angle = 90.00
broad_pitch = 0.30

Preview Inmatch

1. Download latest BroadcastCameraModule
2. Unzip file and put BroadCastCamera.lua and BroadCastCamera.ini in modules folder.

Screenshot LI

3. Add line:
lua.module = "BroadCastCam.lua"
4. Add a stadium’s BroadCastCamera’s preset by making a an ini of the Stadium’s ID, for example
and in it put the the settings in the format of
broad_height = x
broad_zoom = x
broad_angle = x
broad_pitch = x
like below


5. Put ini inside BroadCastCame folder for example:

And your done! Tutorial by Paga.

Copyright juce and nesa24

Support By Donating: [email protected]


  1. – Install Sider 6
    – Extract archive, copy both BroadCastCam.lua and BroadCastCam.ini to \modules folder
    – Open sider.ini with notepad and add this line
    lua.module = "BroadCastCam.lua"
    – Save it.
    – Now open sider.exe and play PES 2020 via Steam.

    BroadCastCam Settings :
    You can try different camera angles
    by changing different values inside BroadCastCam.ini

  2. There’s been an update as usual from konami and my camera height doesn’t work any more does anyone know why?

  3. Height not working,the modification is not working,please help to correct. The broadcast camera is the best.

  4. We need the new broadcast camera module for new sider 6.2.5,1.0.3
    2 so that the height and angle wont be affected. Thanks

  5. Hi guys,please we need the new Broadcast camera module for sider 6.3.1. The height and the angle is not working. Thanks

  6. Please we need the new Broadcast camera for sider 6.3.1 dlc4 1.0.4. So that the height and angle will work


  7. Excuse me, is there any way to add radar to “From above” camera?

    P.S. does anyone has input lags when there are shadows on the pitch? (1070, Ryzen 5)


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