Home PES 2020 Patch PES 2020 BPB Patch Derby Edition V0.1 by BPB EDIT TEAM

PES 2020 BPB Patch Derby Edition V0.1 by BPB EDIT TEAM


BPB Patch PES 2020 – Derby Edition 0.1 by BPB EDIT TEAM

Download BPB Patch Derby For PES2020 Demo

– Serbian derby
– Kits
– Names in Cyrillic
– Logos
– Stadiums
– This is a demo version and we did this to play if you want a derby.


The very important things you need to know are:
– We didn’t touch the face because we didn’t have time, height and weight too (if we arrive in these few days ok, if not, what’s there)
– The stadiums are just imported and not tidy and we plan to do it these days.

Thanks: losMI, Txak, MFZ69, NFS_FM.


  1. Boa dia, qual o editor vc usou criar o patch e para colocar os dois times no pes 2020, ja tentei de todo jeito criar mais não consigo abrir os arquivos bin do pes 2020, tinha como vc fazer um patch para mim com esses clubes: Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, Tottenham, Borussia Dortmund no lugar dos times a partir do boca junior pra o patch ficar so com times da europa?


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