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PES 2020 Boots Assignment Tool 4.0 by MFZ69


PES 2020 Assignment Tool [Boots] V4.0 by MFZ69

Download Tool Version 4

Features :
Features :
– Auto Zlib/Unzlib files
– Relink any boots to custom/licensed player
– Relink hidden boots
– Relink any gloves to custom/licensed player
– Relink hidden gloves
– Add new link/assignment to custom/licensed player
– Load thumbnails(Optional)
Respect the assignment order !

Download Assignment Tool For PES20 Preview hidden boots

Download :


Needed Files :
– Boots.bin/BootsList.bin
– Gloves.bin/GlovesList.bin
– Thumbnail folder that contain thumbnails (Optional)

How To Link Hidden Boots | PES 2020 – [Tutorial]

Why I created this tool ? :
After seeing many boot-makers that are doing exceptional works this tool will gain time for them otherwise it will let the boots users to be free linking the boots to players in any patch with any bootpack .

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Credits : juce & nesa for sider / Chuny NFS_FM nabo78 for testing Hoppus117 for testing and bootpack v7.0 / ThierryHenry14 & Maritimo for feedback about assignment order​.



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