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PES 2020 ANT In The World OF by stensjaskeren


PES 20 All National Teams In The World OF by stensjaskeren

Weeks of editing done. Here’s the result. Hope you guys can use it.

I cannot take credit for the kits, which I have taken from previous released option files. So credit for the kits goes to those guys. But if you have updated kits, feel free to share.
I have not gone into detail in editing the teams tactics. The teams have just gotten the tactics of whichever team i overwrote.

Preview PES2020 ANT Option File

Also it’s on purpose I did the weakest teams of the world so weak. In hope to create some of the big wins that happens in real life football. Especially in Asia. But again, you can just edit that yourselves to your liking.

Teams are located in PAS, PEU, PLA leagues. And also the Italian Serie B and Spanish second division. Also some team in the championship. So if you don’t want to mess up those leagues, don’t download this. Enjoy!


The licence of Serie B messed up the teams in that league like Buckshot said. I have now recreated the teams and moved them to Championship and also some in the Premier League.



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