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PES 2020 Anfield Stadium by Jostike Games


PES 20 Anfield Stadium From Liverpool by Jostike Games

Download Anfield For PES2020 PC

This stadium is the homeground of Liverpool FC in Premier League, with 54074 seats.

– stadio + tunnel + aerial view all schedules and climates
– day lighting: random (friendly matches) ML according to the time of the match
– night illumination: 1st time: afternoon, 2nd time: night


This rar file comes with text and images to make it easier for you to install.

PD: you must deactivate live updates to see the stadium!


  1. to get the tunnel to work you have to change the lua.module in the sider ini to ‘tunnel.lua’ instead of tunnl.lua. They forgot to put the “e”

  2. Once again, unable to extract common and Asset folders from .cpk file. Something must be wrong, because the same happened to me with Signal Iduna Park. Help anyone?

  3. Would be nice if it was available in non CPK format, specially since the CPKs are weird and no tool can extract them. People shouldn’t be forced to use a dpfilelist in order to use the stadiums, specially with sider and stadiumserver available


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