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PES 2020 1.02.02 Update For PC Details


PES 2020 Update 1.02.02 For PC Details Released 28.11 2019

Fixes an issue where some users in a team game lobby could not join the game once more than a certain number of people were in the lobby.

PES 2020 1.02.02

* For mods to work, wait for new releases or check if this update is compatible with mod.

PES20 DP 3.0

“We are only 7 days away from DATA PACK 3.0… Keep an eye on Konami official channels from Monday to see some top content to get you excited for the update!”


  1. Sider 6.2.2 dont works since yesterday update.
    Its only me?
    Will appear a new version of sider to fix this? When? Where?
    Thanks! :)

  2. Will update when will be released. Need to wait.

    Meanwhile, if you backed up the old executable you can put the old executable over new updated executable and play, this will work, everything normal, then when update is out, use the updated versions.


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