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PES 2019 xTC0 PTE BuLi AddOn 2.0 All-In-One


xTC0 PTE BuLi AddOn For PES 2019 AIO V2.0 + Update 2.1

Download xTC0 PTE BuLi AddOn


Password: xTheChosen0ne

Added Faces

Take a look at the list. You can see all the implemented Faces there.
With this, you can decide which CPK you want to download.

Addon: Here you can find the most faces. You just need the compatible version of your patch. That’s it.
But you won’t get the faces, which are listed at “EDIT-Addon” in the list.

EditAddon: In this CPK are only those faces which are listed at “EDIT-Addon”.
To make the faces activated and showed ingame, you need to replace the EDIT00000000-file as well in:
Documents -> KONAMI -> 7651… -> save
Please make a backup before this step.

The EditAddon is uploaded seperated, because the Edit-Addon changes Player-ID’s which isn’t wanted by everyone.
Changes made by other mods (outside of the used patch) could get recessed.

So, when you download and insert both CPK’s (with the EDIT-file), you’ll get all faces of the list :)

But don’t worry, if you can’t find an EDITAddon here. Maybe there just isn’t a EDITAddon for this facepack or
this version by me. Make sure to get everything in one of the links above!

Download xTC0 PTE BuLi-AddOn v2.1 for PES19

xTC0 PTE BuLi Addon [2.1] (01-05-2019) – RIBERY, SELKE & CO.


Install 2.0 before!



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