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PES 2019 Ukrainian Premier League Patch by Krivaz


PES2019 Ukrainian Premier League Option File by Krivaz

Download Ukrainian Premier League OF For PES2019 PS4

This is the Ukrainian Premier League “patch”.
I created 14 teams for the Ukrainian National League.
The championship is in PEU, 12 teams of current season more 2 second division Teams because the minimum number of Teams in PEU is 14.
Kits are quite similar to originals, the roster taken from Transfermarkt.


Size: 9.28 MB

I hope some people can like this editing file !


  1. Hey there, are you a creator of this mod? I would like to contact you, I have some ideas how to improve it. I think Scottish League will fit better for UPL, since they have the same amount of teams and same format.

  2. Hi Alex, I created the Ukrainian league but in the last month’s I ve no time to see ps4 and patch forums. I read only now the message.


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