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PES 2019 UCL Celebration with Trophy by FuNZoTiK


UCL Celebration with Trophy Patch For PES 19 by FuNZoTiK

Download PES2019 CL Celebration

By default in EvoSwitcher, the celebration scenes in UCL are without the cup. This last was bugged and didn’t shown correctly.
I finally found a solution. I had to modify many files to have the cup working in these scenes. It was really hard ! As you can see, in the first scenes, ribbons are white / grey. It’s because they are not linked to the team color. So they will be grey for all teams. But in the end scene, colors appear good according to the team. ;)

I really can’t improve that because i tested so many things and used so much time.

I fixed some things for the UEL too.

Files are ready for the EvoSwitcher. Just unpack/replace files in PES 2019 folder :


Size: 3.8 MB



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