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PES 2019 “This is SOCCER” Gameplay Mod 2.1 by Incas36


“This is SOCCER” Gameplay Mod 2.1 For PES 2019 by Incas36

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Choose what you like, for me are ALL the best over ALL others dt18 I have ever made.
For me I think better is impossible!


Ver. 2.0 is default PES 19 values with changes made only in constant_match.bin
Ver. 2.1 has several changes in contant_match.bin, constant_player.bin and constant_team.bin
Ver 2.4 has changes in ballplayershoot (same of Pes 17) and changes in constant_team.bin (only for BasePosition) with values of Pes 17.


  1. So, better is possible …

    At the beginning:
    Sorry for my language but the content will still seem understandable after all :)

    So far the best version of the file is the one with the dt18 ver. 2.1.
    but if you want to get a real match then playing at the priofessional level, which is still to fix:

    – mainly fouls:
    these are are too brutal
    (I had two matches where I suffered two injuries).
    Fouls should be like in a real match,
    most often small, less often using slides.

    – Aggression in the grip of the ball by the defenders should be greater,
    playing the CPU should be more often on the edge of the foul
    Do not confuse this with above fouls, for example:
    talk about a more contact game like a shoulder to shoulder, or aggressive ball pickup

    – The CPU positional attack is good but could be a bit better.
    It’s about building it:
    The ball should go more often with the use of central or defensive midfielders or even defensors,
    the ball should more often walk around the perimeter in the defensive zone,
    the defensive line or defensors should be more frequently used.
    The ball should be more often withdrawn into the middle of the field even if the game is shifted by the CPU strongly forward.
    See how it looks like in a real match,
    it’s all lacking

    – The CPU should more often keep the ball depending on the situation, it should dribble more often,
    the ball between players is sometimes too fast, there is too much tik taka,.
    That looks unrealistic

    – The speed of movement of players, in this case, their run should also be changed.
    The players are moving too fast (even if I set the speed of playing to minus two).

    – Passing:
    these should be often less accurate by both the CPU and the user.
    (Even if I set level 40 in the game itself, they are too accurate, let alone higher native values ??…).
    The speed of the ball should still be slightly reduced
    (the version of patch 2.1 is mentioned, in the case of later corrections the speed ball is far too high …)

    shots on goal both head and typical finish of the action:
    the shoots on both the CPU and user sides are far too accurate
    only a significant reduction in the value mitigates this problem

    Higher difficulty levels in this game like top player or superstar t with typical tournaments,
    they are not completly for real playing.
    It’s best to modify the proffesional level

    I also hope that KONAMI will introduce hands violations and VAR in the next version of the game

    If you correct this, maybe I will play the whole 90 minute match … :)
    (it’s about the meaning of this playing)
    For now, I play 30 minutes in half, 60 minutes for the whole game :)
    (talk about the settings from the sider)

  2. Version 2.1. One of the Best Gameplay. Kudos to u and Keep up your Good Work and Thanx for everything.

  3. 2.4 ver is poor.
    There are too many contacting failing players.
    Players often put on the pitch.
    A light brush and both can already lie on the pitch …
    So far, the 2.1 ver is the best although it is far from the real ideal of playing.

  4. poderia melhorar a saída dos goleiros e defesas no 1×1 e a troca de cursor que ficaria perfeito dai

  5. YES, me too…….i too would like to play a full 90 minute match but when i do so using sider’s time accelerator……………i get horrible match stats like shots on goal as many as 30, corners as many as 15 ……….which is far far away from what they should be and are in real football

    average fouls per match are about 10-15 per side ……….and shots are in the 10-20 ballpark


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