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PES 2019 Sun Light 1.0 by Jostike Games


Sunenlighten v1.0 For PES 2019 by Jostike Games

Download Sun Mod PES2019 PC

I recommend using the pack the stadiums pack 1.5 and mjts together, the video shows how they have to place the sunenlighten_v1.0.cpk.


Missing some stadiums in the video (inside) and see them for yourself.


  1. Great work bro.
    but It has camera work problem when I play ManUTD in the OT
    please fix it next version. thx

  2. Great work but I found a issue with your mods, it’s incompatible with EvoSwitcher When you play it in the Camp Nou Barça during of the day it’s looks very weird and this problem It’s due to EvoSwitcher\EvoEntrance.lua When I turned off this “EvoEntrance.lua” worked well but I dont wanna to play it without the entrance of EvoSwitcher. For the moment just I found this issue in the Barça Camp Nou, I did not teste all camps of football yet but I hope this problem due to this one only.


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