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PES 2019 Patch 1.01.03 and Data Pack 1.03 Details


The new PES2019 Patch 1.01.03 and PES 2019 Data Pack 1.03 (DLC) was released on 27 September 2018 and fixes the following:

myClub: The message shown when logging in to myClub states that GP for Weekly PES League ranking has been awarded, however the GP balance on screen does not show the updated balance.

Master League: When starting Master League, some COM teams transfer out many of their players, making the player numbers unnaturally low, or the players are assigned to positions that do not meet their positional compatibility.

Team Play Lobby: The game crashes when a certain Goal Celebration is performed in Team Play Lobby matches.

Become a Legend: When a player transfers in Become a Legend from a certain league to another, many players in the league where the player transfers in get transferred out.

Release PES2019 Update 1.01.03



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