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PES 2019 New Gameplay Patch V2 by Loopy


New Gameplay Mod Version 2 by Loopy For PES 19 PC

Download PES2019 New Gameplay Mod V2 by Loopy

– More varied shooting from the AI based off of Mike2 by Maxence Claude
– Better Goalkeeper Levels (Legendary=0, Top Player and Superstar=1, Pro=2)
– Better amount of glue on the goalkeepers gloves
– AI Shoots at a lesser and more reasonable frequency from long range


Install: backup your original dt18_x64.cpk from
C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\data\
Rename “newV2LoopyNoCheatingAIBase10AMV9FoulsSmichiWTweaksdt18_x64.cpk”
to dt18_x64.cpk and replace old file with new dt18_x64.cpk.

***Two things that I forgot to say about my DT18 gameplay files. By tweaking the TeamEmotion.o the way that I do, the following things occur:

1. I believe that the AI Cheating during Away Matches has disappeared
2. Teams play with a better Team ID, and more like they do in real life for the WHOLE 90 MINUTES. By doing the tweaks that I did, I stopped the game from forcing an AI team to play counter attack, or possesion, or high press, or Tiki Tika, so teams play for the whole game based mainly on how they are set up within the gameplan.

Unfortunately, one highly requested feature that I was unable to successfully add is more fouls and a more physical game. I felt like whenever I tweaked fouls, it either caused unfair calls during the game (a foul not given or a play that is not a foul given as a foul), or it increased how much the AI slide tackles in any situation by a lot and made them overpowered. But I encourage people within the community to try to add more fouls themselves and still keep the game as fair as it is in the version that I am releasing for the user.

Lastly, a special thanks to SmichiW! He really helped me to understand how to make a lot of these tweaks and was overall very helpful!

Please let me know what you think everyone!


  1. Can you do something about first touch quick sprint?
    This is the big issue in this game. When you press sprint player pushes the ball too much foward and runs too slow to her , opponent caches you no matter how slow he is and how fast you are…PES16 sprinting style was way better


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