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PES 2019 National Teams Patch 2019 by Peterodon


PES 2019 More National Teams Patch 2019 by Peterodon

Download PES2019 National Teams Patch 2019 V1.0 by Peterodon

Features: This patch is compatible with latest datapack 6.0, adds 15 AFC teams, all missing UEFA national teams and the following CONCACAF teams:
– Cuba
– Canada
– Dominican Republic
– Puerto Rico
– Guatemala
– El Salvador
– Trinidad & Tobago
– Bermudas
– Haiti
– Curazao

Adds the following AFC Teams:
– Afghanistan
– Bahrein
– Pakistan
– India
– Indonesia
– Malaysia
– Mongolia
– Palestine
– Syria
– Yemen
– Kyrguizistan
– Tajikistan
– Turkmenistan
– Phillippines
– Vietnam


1- Make sure that you have made the live update before install
2- Copy the file nationalteams.cpk in the folder “Downloads”, and generate a dpfilelist eith dpfilebinlist generator.
3- Copy the folder ted_files in WEPES
4- Go to game, and then, go to editor, and import the teams. If you go to play match, and the teams are still without kits, players, etc, try to import again. At the second or three time should be the definitive.
5- Enjoy!

Credits: Smeagol and Lagun for the Dinotem Tool, ggdaris for the kit compilation, and special thanks to covertinho for help me.


  1. All that teams and Kits are Made bye me and muy Friends for PS4 pes17 Kits and teds ando Kits for pes19 ps4

  2. let me make a clarification. Yes, all the kits are made by you and your mates, and the author credits you for the kits, but all the squads are not the same. All the squads are made in dinoteam editor, and ted files are not the same of your patch because this patch uses a db that adds new teams. your ted files overwrites existing teams in the game, so using your teads files in this patch is impossible.


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