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PES 2019 ML Tool v0.4 by Baris


PES 2019 Master League Tool v0.4 by Baris

Download PES2019 ML Tool Update 0.4 by Baris

What can I do with this tool?
You can shift your transfer and salary budget.

What is the purpose?
After playing some seasons in ML your players are sometimes requiring a very high salary. This may put you in the situation after a few years of playing that you have a high transfer budget, but the salary budget is too low to extend the contracts with these players.

Create a backup of your current save file (e.g. “ML00000000”)
Start PES 2019, load your save file and go to: Manager’s Office => Finance => Club Account Balance => note the value for “Player Salaries”
Start ML Tool and load the same save file (this might take a while!). Your ML save file will be located in: “C:\Users\\Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\\save”
Enter the value which you found in 2. and click on “Apply”
Use the slider to shift the budget as you need
In the current directory where this ML Tool is located a new file with the same name as the loaded save file will be created. This file needs to be moved to your save folder (see location above)

Download v0.4 (Java 8 is required) : http://zipansion.com/3gMnC

505KB @mega

– Tomato4cc & zlac (Evo-Web) for pesXdecrypter
– der_Chrise (PES Galaxy) research for needed offsets


  1. Hi I’ve been an avid fan of PES since way back to PES 3 on the PS2 and loved the games until they made their way onto next gen when I started to fall out of love with them, I wasn’t one for Masters League or the new My Club or anything like that, I just love my league mode and playing with the realistic teams from real life, this was great on PS2 but one thing changed when we moved to next gen; I could no longer see transfers I made in edit mode reflected in my league I was playing. So if I had started a league with Juventus let’s say and I was halfway through, then in real life Juventus sign arguably the 2nd best player in the world Ronaldo, I couldn’t make that happen in my league and the league would be boring, not only that but I’d have to start a fresh league file to reflect the changes so I couldn’t even go onto season 2 or season 3 of the league.

    So what I’m asking is; is it possible to mod into the PC version of the game a way for transfers made in edit mode to take effect in your current league for all teams just as easy as changing Messi’s boots?


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