1. Amigo no esta el las camisetas actualizadas de la liga rusa….Esto es una mezcla de los archivos NO ES la extracción fiel…

  2. helo tekask1903,
    What tool do you use to convert ftex to PNG? I’ve tried ftextool, ftex for dds, and I could not tell you how.

  3. Hello friend, will you make versions 1.01 available? there has been an update and virtually all uniforms have minor changes. You are awesome !

  4. For some reason I can’t download because ‘Download limit reached’, even though I’ve never downloaded from this site before, and when I try to create a new account, I have to fill a captcha with letters in Russian, which are not in my keyboard!

  5. File is impossible to download. Apparently when you finally get through to the Yadi.sk download page it says “Download limit reached. You can still save this file to your Yandex.Disk” meaning no one else can download this file unless you get the Yandex Service/App which no one will. Any chance we can have this file uploaded to a different / better hosting site like Mega/GoogleDrive etc??? Sucks because as it stands no one will be able to download the file that Tekask has done the work one. I recommend anyone reading this never use anything related to Yandex as they are a giant money grabbing pile of shit co.


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