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PES 2019 Goal Cheer Mod AIO by Josh


Josh’s Goal Cheer Mod V5 All In One For PES 2019 PC

Features: this mod replaces crowd cheers during goal to be more exciting. Rarely there will be an issue whereby there will be no cheers when a goal is being scored.

Download PES2019 Josh Goal Cheer Patch

That error is by Konami, and I have no idea on how to fix it as it seems to be a case of an audio not linked properly by Konami. Anybody who has the knowledge to fix that is welcome to help.

What I’ve done here is replacing the majority of the goal cheers from online resources. Enjoy!

All versions are All In One. Just use the latest version and you’re set.


Note: To install, you’ll need to replace the original cpk file in the “Data” folder and NOT generate a cpk like usual.



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