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PES 2019 Gameplay Patch by Incas36


Gameplay Patch For Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 by Incas36

Download Gameplay Patch PES19

This patch solves a lot of the CPU bugs (added dt18 version 1.1.3 and 1.1.4)

As usual, please backup the corresponding file before replacing with this one…


Update by Incas36 :

It’s a modded dt18 _ x64.cpk in an attempt to change some gameplay issues

I think this other is better

feel free to use it, post everywhere you want and enjoy it, still in test.

TS means italian “terzini salgono” and in English it means wingbacks moves in attack but this is only for my memory. Really with this dt18 I tried to have more shoots from outside the area and limits those shits low crosses and avoid that in 1v1 the cpu attacker comes back or pass the ball instead of shooting. I know that not all modifications in dt18 really impact ingame and I know that best patches come from exe as Nesa24 teaches but sometimes from modded dt18 some surprise we can have!

Update 12.09

– Base/Definitive dt18_x64.rar (dt18_x64_v1.rar):

– news dt18_x64.rar with less strong keepers (dt18_x64_keepers _value_1,5.cpk is less strong than Superstar/Legend where the value is 0 – dt18_x64_keepers _value_3.cpk is less strong than dt18_x64_keepers _value_1,5.cpk – dt18_x64_keepers_value_5.cpk is less strong than dt18_x64_keepers _value_3.cpk; the dt18_x64_cpu_level_json.cpk is the base dt18 with modded CpuLevel.json and BallPlayeDribble.json file.


Update 13.09


Please, excuse me, but i made a mistake!
Today I uploaded the wrong file!
This one (dt18_x64_v1_1_1.cpk) is the last correct one with all the changelog explained below .
I hope you understand me but i have about 50 dt18 on my desktop and i messed up. SORRY!
Starting base is the official dt1_x64.cpk (dt18_x64_v1.rar) so the gameplay is the same. Changelog: tweaked shoots of CPU: more long shoots, more head shots, the right amount of low crosses (lessened them and more high cross when needed), tweaked some values in Top Player level so the game becomes more enjoyable for those who play Top Player (substantially for those who play Top Player the gameplay is the same with the same stuff but a bit easier but… I think… NOMORE NOW).

Update 15.09

Good afternoon everybody. The two dt18 that I am attaching to you were made by trying to:
1 – “soften” the pressure of the CPU;
2 – the CPU should make more mistakes;
3 – greater randomness of the ball;
4 – higher density in the field.
In particular I need to know in which of the two 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 you notice (IF YOU NOTICE, of course) more density and figh in the midfield
Thank you for the tests and feedbacks you will want to give me.

dt18 version 1.1.3: https://www85.zippyshare.com/v/7v19AcNs/file.html

dt18 version 1.1.4: https://www85.zippyshare.com/v/BrFjWfiD/file.html

for all who want to use it these are 3 dt18 based on ver. with different GK reaction (value ogf GK reaction is in the name of cpk).

Link : https://www22.zippyshare.com/v/yGTy2HM1/file.html (dt18_1_1_1_4_keepers.rar)

P.S. values of keepers are tweaked for Top Player too if you want to try them at that level.

Update 19.09

Still in test phase. For those who whant to try (nr. 2 dt18 ver. 1.1.4 based).

Link: https://www58.zippyshare.com/v/IdUwVOo5/file.html

Name: Last dt18.rar | Size: 0.61 MB

To all that don’t know how to use this patch, it’s all very simple:
inside the game folder (PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019) ther is a folder called Data. Here you find a file called dt18_x64.cpk.

All what you have to do is:
1 – backup your original dt18_x64.cpk;
2 – replace the new dt18_x64.cpk with the new one

Update 23.03 (Name: Mix Compilation.rar Size: 0.96 MB)



With standard (and, therefore, faster) pass values.

Update 12.08 (dt18_x64_Pes_2019_Modded_1.rar and 2)

Listening your feedback (thanks to all of you and particularly *Supernova* , bromi, SmichiW and others whose nickname I don’t remember, sorry) these are last 2 dts for Pes 19. From now on I’ll wait full Pes 20. The Modded_2 is like the Modded_1 but with less rushes by midfield. Links:




In these dts I mixed all that I’ve found in dt18 of Pes 20. Hope you like them!


  1. – the low crosses from outside to the penalty area are to often and too strong
    – for my opinion to little Shoots from distance
    – the cpu on Topplayer dont use the sprint button when they cross the midfield
    – the AI defence on top player too strong, on one difficult under too weak
    – there can be more mistakes in passing for the cpu

    – better Keepers
    – little more shots from distance
    – more fouls

  2. Okay 1.4 is good, but on TopPlayer i can easily come in the Half of the Opponent, but when i come to the 16m Room, the Defence is too strong, there is no room for my players.
    It doesnt matter if i play against Arsenal or against a 70er Team.

    And the Opponent makes too much short Corners.
    For my opinion there could be more mistakes from the other Team.
    The shoots from distance and fouls are perfect

  3. this patch broke my game , defender’s all placing wrong and staying still in game , they just go to the mid and stay there , or they go to the sides and let the mid open.

  4. The 3 Files with Goalkeeper Reactions Value 6-8… what does it mean? 6 weaker and 8 Stronger?

    Your Last Update *…Prova2 and *…Prova 2.1 what is the difference between these two Files??

    Until now i was playing 1.4 and it’s perfect for my opinion, on Profi its good to play, on TopPlayer is too strong and on Superstar ist a mix between Profi and TopPlayer

  5. For the next “Patch” I like to have :

    – defence of the CPU in the 16er should not be so hard
    – goalkeeper should leave his line
    – the Keeper is on 1.4 too strong
    – litte more mistakes from the cpu
    – the cpu doesnt sprint in the midfield, only when he is between mittle Line and my 16er

  6. – CPU Defence on Top Player too strong
    – CPU Defence on Profi too strong
    – CPU Defence on Middle too weak

    – Low Crosses too often
    – shoots from distance could be little more
    – CPU Mistakes too little
    – Keepers on Profi only on Value 8 good, the normal 1.1.4 the Keeper is TOO strong!!! He can catch the Ball from 5m, when i shoot in the bottom Corner

  7. Hello, can you explain what the 15.09 patch does to keepers? They seem weaker as hell ( I use the file with 8 as value).

  8. i ve exe 1.04.03 modded and your dt18_x64 , which will take the priority affecting the game exe or dt ?
    Is it better to work on official 1.04?

  9. The amount of script is still insane, played against cardiff city and they played better than liverpool
    70 rated goalkeepers still play like Ter Stegen on steroids, Master league is still unplayable for me sadly. The only thing i noticed is that they foul you more

  10. hi.
    i consider your version 1.4 slow peaced (pes 2018) really the best (in my opinion) you did.
    But i’d like to change something using AI editor 0.3(veeeery complicated beacuse of tons ov variables), could you suggest me how to do it, please?
    something i’d like to change in 1.4slow peaced:
    1. CPU team is too strong in header (impossible to score on corner kick)
    2. thousand of posts and crossbar hitted in every game
    Maybe u did a patch based on 1.4 with these improvement?


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