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PES 2019 Gameplay Mod by NihilEx7


New Gameplay Mod For PES 2019 by NihilEx7

Download Gameplay Mod 2019 Released 26th March

– a better organization of the attack of the CPU
– less CPU pass precision
– without tiki taka of the CPU unless you are active in the tactics
– more interceptions
– pause of the CPU in some cases more quiet in the construction of game


All the credit to Inca and Gabe. I just mixed their gameplays.


  1. Hello. good job. What parameter did you change to have less CPU pass precision, and what was the original value?
    Thank you

  2. Sorry, but this is unplayable. Passes are terribly slow and it is impossible to make a good one-two pass. Every contact that your player make on AI is foul. AI do the same – no foul.

  3. MUY BUENO. Pero no hay faltas por parte de la IA como en el MIKE 2B
    si subes el nivel de faltas es el mejor que he probado


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