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PES 2019 Gameplay Mod by gabe.paul.logan


New Gameplay Mod PES 2019 PC by gabe.paul.logan

Download Gameplay 2019 Mod by GAB

– keepers at 2,5 value
– long shots at value 26
– slower pass speed at 24,5 to slow down the game and to have more interceptions
– physicality from “dt18_x64_modded_original_2015_1.cpk”
– first touch system from Hels
– cpu shooting is as much varied as possible
– build up is as much varied as possible (centre, side attacks, low crosses, high crosses are present, slow and fast build up is reasonable from cpu)
– difference between weaker and better teams
– suggested set up: superstar difficulty + default game speed (0)
+ known error is the two battling players not always jump up for the high ball to head it

Previews (CPU vs CPU) + Link:


– Copy “dt18_x64_GAB.cpk” file to:
Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2019\download\
– Open and select DLC in DpFileList Generator
– Add ‘dt18_x64_GAB.cpk’ as last checked, generate new DpFileList.

Credits: Incas, Hels, Avok.

PES 2019 New Gameplay Patch v2 by Gabe.Paul.Logan (9 March ’19)


new update (3 pass speed levels as before) :

– possible slower cpu build up ( i have only tested it during exhibition)
– suggested: superstar diff, default speed, default exe



  1. Ver. 2=Too many fouls, the referee is very strict, makes the game is locked, otherwise, excellent gameplay, thanks!

  2. The gameplay feels pretty good, although faults I think are a bit too much, but just a bit. I mean in the normal game faults were hard to see and in real football we have tons of faults per game. Also I think the passes are way too slow, I understand the slower passes thing but I think a bit faster would be better. Other than that, great work, this patch made me want to play more PES.


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