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PES 2019 Gameplay (beta) by RKH257


PES 2019 Gameplay Patch (beta version) by RKH257

Download PES19 Patch Gameplay

CPU attack with more variety. More shots and more fouls.
(waiting the Konami fix)

If you like it, great.



Make a backup of dt18_x64.cpk

Put the file in : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\Data

That’s all.


Más variedad de ataque de la CPU. Más disparos. Más fouls.
(esperando el arreglo de Konami)

Si les gusta, genial.


Hacer un backup del archivo dt18_x64.cpk

Pegar el archivo en : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\Data

Eso es todo.


  1. I am amazed :D People actually dribble, look and pass the ball. They shoot from far and cross the ball high. Keep it up. This is only the beta too, imagine an update or better version of this : D Keep it up bro!

  2. I’m still getting quite a few driven crosses. Not had any high crosses, just some lobs over the top of some players. Most passes played by the AI are still played out to the wide areas but it does seem that some midfielders have started to shoot more from distance.

    Not bad for a beta. Amazing how you can produce this yet Konami can’t lol

  3. I´m glad you like it TriniWap and Giova.
    KYAN1TE try in Profesional because Superstar and Legend have more scripts.
    I only make this because Konami has the “AI” but they decided not put it in the game. Lazy teamwork, or a Marketing thing, i don´t know but i´m tired of lies. I´m not a programmer and i maked this “patch” in 3/4 hours. So…. i´m still waiting the “real” game by the Konami team.
    Regards to everyone :)
    (sorry for my english)

  4. I’m also playing in Professional difficulty, manual controls. AI seems pretty clumsy in attack, but perfect in defense.

    Do you recommend using Star or Legend difficulty?

  5. Genial Bro! Centros altos, centros bajos, pases en profundo, amagos..muy bueno! la cpu patea!!! Patea de lejos tambien !Excelente! Gracias brooooo!

  6. Se podra modificar que los arqueros de la CPU salgan del area chica a achicar en las situaciones mano a mano?

  7. Muy pero muy bueno en profesional! No se notan tanto cambios en estrella o leyenda pero en pro esta mas dificil y esta muy bueno. Muy variado! Konami hace algo!!!! Gracias !!! Los arqueros se pueden arreglar????

  8. Lamentablemente los arqueros por ahora no se puede ya que deben estar en el exe. Igual seguro Konami va a arreglar la IA. Saludos!


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