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PES 2019 EXECO19 Update 11.0.6


PES 2019 EXECO19 Version 11.0.6 Released 14 January 2019

Download Execo 11.0.6 For PES 2019 PC

Added 20 new national teams:
we have added 20 new national teams to pes 2019, all teams are licenced with real kits and squads, all teams can be used in all game modes including master league and be a legend.

National teams added are:
Finland, Latvia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Canada, Togo, Gabon, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines.

Added more classic players:
more classic players added as part of the classic teams squads, most classic players are added with their real faces.

Real stadium names:
in this version we have added correct home ground stadium names for most clubs in most leagues, more will be done in future updates

Updated more kits:
more kits are updated for various teams, in every version we add or update more kits, most of the new kits are made by elements max, big thanks.

Added and fixed faces:
added a lot of real faces, we also fixed some bugged faces following fans reports.

Other enhancements:
a lot of enhancements and fixes are included, most of them are details that you might not notice like stat fix or graphics optimizations…

EXECO19 11.0.5 (ALL IN ONE) + Update v.11.0.6 :


Install the full patch 11.0.5 before installing the update. Update size: 650 mb

Thanks to all patch fans and anyone who contributed.

Update 2 February 2019 For DP 3.01:

A new small update released by konami made the patch incompatible and will reset the game, the new update in progress will fix that ofcourse, until the release that is expected in a couple of days, you can download this temporary fix to make the patch compatible with steam version.

read carefully the information below:

this is only temporary compatibility fix, we used (SMK_Extra15.cpk) for this fix, make sure you did not remove smoke patch files from the dpfilelist.


How To:
1. reinstall the last update 11.0.6 (to restore patch files)
2. copy and replace (SMK_Extra15.cpk) in the download folder of the game.

Important: although the patch will be compatible, the game will reset the edit file of the patch, this will affect some features such as stadium names, competitions settings, ball assignment, these features will be restored when the update 11.0.7 is released.

if you have changed the patch files and you face problems with this fix, be sure to read THIS.


  1. Thanks for this new patch!
    Can you include the portuguese stadiums (Dragão / FC Porto and Luz / SL Benfica – PES 2017 have it) in the next version?

  2. Great but some new legend faces have very big bugs, please fix it, change the WE United team in Other European Teams with a real team & please add real kits & players in the MLS Division

  3. My pes2019 is refusing to play. I have geforce 710 but it crashes in the begining so i just play pes2013

  4. PLEASE ADD to Copa Sudamericana and Recopa Sudamericana Tournament..




  5. agregaran los mods de estadios nuevos que han estado saliendo como el wembley,london stadium,mestalla,etc en alguna actualizacion? saludos

  6. Fabregas is missing… he is not at chelsea, not at Monaco and not as freeplayer…. pls fix

  7. I love this patch especially the classic players. I noticed that E.Cantona is black in your version 11.06. Hope for an update soon.

  8. Please fix bug classic player like hierro on hair,, etc ,, and miniface National team Asian ,, overall good

  9. I dunno about other patches. There are just too many to download and it is time consuming. One thing is for sure you do have a great pack of classic faces. Keep up the good work. There are still many world class players which I hope will be added in the near future(eg. Johan Neeskens one of Holland’s great)

  10. please add indian player’s real faces and physical(real height) stats.
    thank you for the patch

  11. Is it only me, or for the MLS teams, the players are completly bogus? For every teams…Other than that, it’s really a great patch! Thx a lot!

  12. I don’t know if you think of doing other updates down the line…but I had the smoke patch for pes 2018, and it had the Champions League and Europa League logos, in the standings section, beside the leaders team’s name. It’s not a big detail, but it was very cool, and in my mind, it really helps with the immersion in the game. I don’t know if it’d be possible to do that, just a thought :)

  13. Wonderful Patch man, it is actually work on me, but by the way, I have Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4785T CPU @ 2.20 GHz Processor, Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 (PS5.0/VS5.0) for Graphic Card, 16.0 GB for RAM, and 2.0 GB for VRAM, but it still lagging, I even had set to 30 fps both in in game and replays and demo, what should I do ?

  14. Bug en la serie a con el EvoSwitcher instalado, la salida de los equipos sale con la presentación de lo Champions.


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