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PES 2019 EXECO19 V11.0.5 All In One


EXECO19 AIO version 11.0.5 For PES 2019 – Compatible DP 3.0

Download EXECO19 version 11.0.5

Changes from last version:

Added full Japanese league:
– the full J1 league is now available in execo19, the game already have 4 teams participating in the ACL, we have added the remaining 14 teams, see the full teams list added by smoke patch here.
– all teams added are fully licenced and updated, kits made and provided by MAX

Completed CL teams:
two new teams added to execo19 to complete all the teams participating in the uefa champions league of the year 18/19, we added (Crvena Zvezda and Viktoria Plzeň) fully updated and licenced. the CL teams are all included although the group stage teams will be randomized by the game.

Reworked the languages:
we usually work and focus on English language as its the most used language for the game menus and sub-menus, and we also work the other languages as well, but as there are many languages and we dont speak most of them mistakes can happen.
this version we have revised and remade all the languages specially for the competitions names.

Added konami DLC3:
this version includes the data from DP3 recently released by konami, execo19 is always compatible with the latest konami version and works on all game versions.
the elements added by the DLC are merged in the patch and is adapted to work normally with smoke patch.

Added New Stadium Pack: watch demo
a new stadium pack is available in this version, we have added stadiums made by konami from the data packs or from older game version. the total number of usable stadiums are 53 unique stadium models, all available in both select mode and edit mode.

stadiums imported from the new PES19 DLC3:
– Estádio Palestra Itália (Brazil)
– De Kuip (Netherlands)

stadiums imported from PES 2018:
– eFootball.Pro Arena (Spain)
– The Ultimate Stage (fictional)
– Wanda Metropolitano (Spain)
– Signal Iduna Park (Germany)

stadium imported from PES19 DLC2:
– Stade Louis II (Monaco)

stadium imported from execo18:
– Allianz Stadium (Italy)
this stadium have all new textures and turfs similar to pes19 stadiums

stadiums made by Durandil:
– Allianz Arena (Germany)
– Old Trafford (England)
both stadiums have new turf adapted from turfs of pes19, please note that both stadiums are mode for day game only, but they are unlocked so you can change the home ground of man united and bayern if you want.

Added New Boot Pack:
we have included a new boot pack to execo19, all boots are unique and re-textured to work perfectly in 4k resolution or any other quality settings, some of the new boots are imported from the new DLC3, total number remains 100 boots as it is the game limit of boots files.

Updated Ball pack:
all balls are reconverted specifically for pes19, the balls are re-textured and converted to the proper ftex format, imported new and updated balls from konami DLC.

Graphic Enhancements:
big workup regarding graphics, we reconverted the flags and optimized for HD quality while remaining fast loading in the game menu.

Many other enhancements:
a lot of enhancements and fixes included too, some of this:
– added new faces
– fixed some faces
– fixed some stats/attributes
– updated kits (from MAX)
– and many more…

mediafire mega

– don’t generate the dpfilelist: read this.
– changing the patch files or adding other mods is at your own risk.
– adding or updating the game EXE is not the patch responsibility.
– this patch is made to focus on offline modes.

Thanks to all patch fans and anyone who contributed.


  1. ADD PORTUGAL LIGA NOS FACES AND STADIUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I have the 11.0.4 version. Can I donwload only the update to 11.0.5 or I need to download all the new pack? thanks

  3. for those wou have PES 2019 EXECO19 V11.0.5 All In One you can add the MJTS-140914 without using dpfiles generator like me by using SMK_Extra file in dowload folder to get in the final 60 stadium,
    my sequence is:

    how to change?
    i will show you the first line like an example ok?
    let’s go:
    1-STADIUM#MJTS#PES2019.cpk …ok change this file name from STADIUM#MJTS#PES2019.cpk …to…SMK_Extra1…then copie and past in dowload folder.

    Same thing with :

    If it doesn’t work. Re installe the patch and try my solution again. Hope i help you guys.
    Long life to all patchers

  4. The whole thing, due to the fact it includes the latest official Konami DP3. I assume when it’s a minor update we won’t have to download it all again, just after official updates, to incorporate them. On another note I was running 11.0.4 happily but honestly it is worth grabbing 11.0.5 it’s better all round and the game play is more fluid with DP3, it also has better GFX implementation and runs at a more stable and higher frame rate (at least for me I have gained about 12 fps average in game (although replays still micro-stutter some times, that’s a Konami issue)).


    !Sporting Lisbon have the wrong jerseys,
    it’s the ones from last season please change!

  6. how to leave old gameplay because this is gameplay from pes 2018. who is file who chang gameplay. Thanks

  7. Hi. i thought some faces from thailand players already available on this DP 3.0 ? but still dummy face?

  8. please fix a Face at Bundes liga , like J. Geis at Schalke 04 , and many face error at 11.0.5 help mee

  9. I didnt get part 12 to work :(

    // here

  10. Gives me an error when installing: EXECO 2019 has not been totally installed because of the following reasons: download\00_kdp.cpk impossible to find the correct path
    But 00_kdp.cpk is there!!!
    please help.

  11. @Inalfourtysi extract semua file nya bro, termasuk yang folder download di rar

    extract all the files, including the “downloaded” folder in rar


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