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PES 2019 Everton Soares Face by PR Facemaker


PES 19 Everton Cebolinha Face (Grêmio, Seleção Brasileira)

Download PES2019 Everton Face by PR Facemaker

Éverton plays as left winger, right winger or second striker, face modded for PC by PR.


Note: Before creating the cpk file, replace the name of the folder “XXXX” for the proper player ID (depends on what patch or EDIT file you are using since Everton is not a licensed player). * the face is not as .cpk, read this tutorial to learn how to create one.


  1. In PTE you will have to create him or replace a player that is already licensed (maybe some generic South american player in “other teams” or an asian one). It happens because KONAMI doesent have the license for some Brazilian players (like Everton). It happened with Arthur Melo, before his transfer to Barcelona.

  2. Your Suso face worked but Everton didn’t, tried the ID 323595 (Everton’s player id according to pesmaster and PES 2019 editor by ejogc327) and didn’t work, tried the id that came with the face and still didn’t work.
    BTW, according to pesmaster the face id is from Bruno Nazário (Athletico-PR)


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